tango purse

Every Gal Needs: A Tango Purse

You are all dolled up and ready for a night on the town and faced with an age-old dilemma: How do I bring along my lipstick and other potions for touch-ups, while still being free enough to cut a rug without a bulky bag on my arm?

Sound familiar?

Enter, the tango purse - one of the greatest beauty inventions of all time.

One part compact, one part purse. 100% genius.

The tango purse, or tango compact, was a flapper's beauty savior. A small, lightweight, metal, multi-compartment compact that hung from a chain, the tango purse provided a stylish and convenient way to carry pressed powder, rouge and lipstick for a night out. Some had all compartments within the compact, while others housed the lipstick in a case that doubled as a handle. A mirror for quick touch-ups was also usually included.

Want your own vintage tango compact? You can find them on sites such as etsy and ebay or by perusing independent antique dealers such as this great selection from Tri-State Antiques. Expect to pay, as many of these compacts are rare and unique.

What I still have yet to understand is - why the heck are tango compacts not available nowadays?