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Timeless Beauty: The Yardley English Bath Ritual

This beauty ritual comes from Beauty Secrets from Bond Street, published in 1937 by Yardley & Co. - the classic English toiletry company. Yardley of London is one of the oldest cosmetics and toiletry companies in the world, founded in 1770. Their signature scent - English Lavender - was launched in 1873. The lavender grown for Yardley products - Lavendula angustafolia - is grown in special gardens in the south of England.

Beauty begins with a tablet of Yardley English Lavender Soap – at the edge of your bath. So important is this daily rite, that Yardley of London, with the whole tradition of English bath luxury to draw upon, has provided the luxuries to make it a veritable beauty ritual. Start your bath with either Lavendomeal or Lavender Bath Crystals. If you choos Lavendomeal, you will find it a new delight. Lavendomeal is a compound of beneficial cereals, crushed lavender flowers and special water softening ingredients. Into your warm, deep bath, you throw a generous handful…and soak in it for about ten minutes, relaxed and sybaritic. It will soften the water to a silken texture, but better still, the action of the cereals will soften and whiten your skin and impart to it a gentle lasting fragrance. Slathers of creamy lather from Yardley’s English Lavender Soap, rinse, then pat yourself dry, mist with dusting powder, slip into a warm robe, lie down for about twenty minutes before you dress for dinner…and see how many years younger, lighter and fairer you look and feel. - Beauty Secrets from Bond Street, 1937

Sadly, Lavendomeal is no longer manufactured, but Yardley English Lavender Luxury Soap is still available, although the original lavender fragrance has been made contemporary, described now as :

A beautifully fresh, clean elegant fragrance combining bergamot and clary sage with a heart combining English Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, chamomile and violet, enhanced with deeper, warm notes of wood, vanilla and patchouli.

Luxury baths are truly a timeless ritual. Why not take one now "and see how many years younger, lighter and fairer you look and feel!" ;)