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NEW IN THE SHOP: LUXE LIP BALMS in 2 Sweet Summer Fruit Flavors!


NEW in the Autumn Moon Aesthetics Etsy Boutique - Luxe Lip Balms - a 100% natural, grown-up version of your favorite childhood balms! 

Reminiscent of carefree days with no worries of tomorrow.

Lazy days at the beach.

Sun-kissed cheeks and sandy toes. 

Sweet, juicy summertime fruits.

LUXE LIP BALMS contain lip-nourishing and good-for-you ingredients with a sheer, shimmery sheen:

  • Coconut, avocado, jojoba and castor oils give juicy moisture to thirsty lips.
  • Beeswax assists in retaining moisture in delicate lip tissues offering a breathable layer of protection.
  • Natural, lip-safe earth mineral pigments give lips a lustrous sheen with just a hint of color.
  • Natural, plant-based fruit essences offer a healthy alternative to artificially flavored balms.
  • Stevia plant brings a sunny sweetness.
  • Vitamin E offers antioxidant protection.
  • Calendula extract heals and soothes lip tissues.

LUXE LIP BALMS come packaged in a .25 ounce retro slidey tin and are available in two sweet summertime flavors:

'Sweet Apricot' - the essence of fresh, ripe apricot, swirled with a sheer apricot shimmer.

'Sweet Cherry' - delicious cherry essence swirled with a sheer cherry shimmer.

LUXE LIP BALMS are available now for a limited time in THE BOUTIQUE. Slip them into your back pocket or beach bag for a sweet, juicy summertime lip treat. <3