5 Ways to Love: Hydrosols

One of my favorite herbal delights is the wispy and mysterious hydrosol. What is a hydrosol - or sometimes called "herbal distillate?" It is the aqueous product that is left over after distilling plants to extract their essential oils. What is left is the water soluble, aromatic and therapeutic qualities of the plant. These aromatic waters offer a myriad of wonderful applications for body and home.

1. A natural body fragrance spray.

Hydrosols make a wonderful alternative to body sprays containing artificial fragrances. Spray them all over skin and hair for a subtle scent.

2. An aromatic and therapeutic facial mist.

Since hydrosols retain the treatment properties of plants, they can help to support healthy skin. Try rose hydrosol for dry/mature skin, neroli for oilier skins, calendula or chamomile for sensitive skins and tulsi (holy basil) for acne prone skin.

3. A luxurious addition to your bath.

Add a cup of hydrosol to your bathwater for a plant energized, aromatic and therapeutic soak.

4. Add them to your food.

Hydrosols (food grade only) can be added to food and beverages to excite your tastebuds and offer a tasty treat. Try a splash of rose hydrosol in a mug of warm milk and honey with a dash of cinnamon. Divine!

5. Scent your home.

Hydrosols offer a gentle fragrance that can be used to scent your rooms and linens.

How do you like to use hydrosols?