ground ivy

Springtime Glow Mask

springtime glow mask.jpg

This mask is an oldie that I blogged previously for Herb Companion Online. It is one of my favorite masks ever for this time of year, so I'm sharing it again!

This mask contains fresh, abundant plants that you can easily find gracing your own backyard or local area. These greens grow prolifically in my backyard and I'm excited to greet them each spring. It's like being reunited with old friends after the winter.

Dandelions, ground ivy, plantain, chickweed and violet leaf are soothing, healing, nourishing, cooling and toning to skin. The honey in this mask provides gentle moisture, while the kaolin helps to clarify pores, tone and soften skin. It all comes together to add a luminous loveliness to your complexion.

Actually, true story about this mask - after using it one night before a gathering of friends, a girlfriend pulled me aside and questioned the glow on my face with an arched brow - suspecting scandalous happenings prior to my attendance. Ha ha! 'Twas simply this mask!


While these plants are all abundant and vigorous growers, please do harvest them responsibly and sustainably so that they stick around. :) And for safety's sake, please be sure you have identified these plants properly before using them on your skin. The pictures below can serve as a guide, as can the USDA Plants Database. 

Also, although these plants are very gentle, if you have any plant allergies or sensitive/reactive skin, please first test this mask on a patch of skin for 15 minutes, then wait 24 hours to ensure there are no adverse reactions prior to using it on a larger area.

The botanical beautifiers of this mask...

Ground ivy tones, tightens and cools skin.

Dandelion leaf nourishes and energizes skin.

Plantain heals and soothes.

Anti-inflammatory violet leaf calms skin.

Chickweed cools and comforts.


1 small handful dandelion, ground ivy, plantain, chickweed and/or violet leaves (whatever you have locally available)

4 T raw honey

6T kaolin clay

1 small chunk fresh aloe (optional)

  1. Gently wash greens under cool water.
  2. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend well, adding a few drops of water if needed to get the right consistency. If it gets too runny you can add a bit more clay. It should look like spinach dip when you are done. :)
  3. Apply to freshly cleansed skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. This will make enough to share with a few friends! 
  4. Rinse with cool water and finish with your favorite toner and moisturizer.
  5. Keep this mask refrigerated and use within a few days.