Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Growing up, my grandfather used to gauge the true coming of winter by the first frost. "Frost on the pumpkin," he would say. It was always a warm, sweet reminder to me that we had made the turn into the last, chillier days of autumn, with wintertime sparkling ahead.

With our first frosts on the pumpkin just taking place this past week, what better time to whip up a sugared, pumpkin delight?

You can whip this scrub up in a few minutes while baking your other pumpkin goodies, as the ingredients are those you will likely find in your kitchen right now. You can also make this scrub unique with additions of vanilla bean, ground cardamom, honey, melted shea butter and more. 

Aside from being tasty in a pie, pumpkin is a natural exfoliant and is loaded with nutrients for the skin. 

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

(makes one 8 ounce mason jar)

1 cup organic brown sugar

2T + carrier oil (sunflower is a great choice for a scrub – add more for a more “runny”scrub)

2T cooked, pureed pumpkin (canned is fine)

¼ t – ½ t pumpkin pie spice*

  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and transfer into a clean, glass jar with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Apply in a gentle, circular scrubbing motion to damp skin in the bath or shower, avoiding sensitive areas (and any open wounds, abrasions, irritations, etc.).
  3. Rinse with warm water, taking care, as the shower may be a bit slippery from the oil.
  4. Gently pat skin dry and, while skin is still warm and slightly damp, apply your favorite lotion to seal in moisture.

Keep this scrub refrigerated and use it within one week. There should be enough for 2 full-body applications.

*For those with overly sensitive skin – you may want to use a lesser amount or omit the pie spice as it can sometimes be irritating.


Tropical Piña Colada Body Scrub/Mask

Nothing says summer like the smell of sweet coconut. Indulge your whole self in a tropical, skin-smoothing treatment that will exfoliate, moisturize and nourish your skin.

The sugar in this mask acts as a physical exfoliant, whisking away dead skin cells, while the enzymes in the pineapple help to dissolve the "glue" between dead skin cells, freeing them up to escape. Coconut oil and coconut cream give your skin a tropical, fragrant dose of moisture. And the optional coconut extract just smells really lovely.

Tropical Piña Colada Scrub/Mask

2 T crushed pineapple

2 T full-fat coconut cream

1 T coconut oil

1/2 t coconut extract (optional)

1/2 c organic brown or cane sugar

  1. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and use immediately.
  2. Apply the scrub to damp skin (after leaving the shower) and massage your body in gentle circular motions, until the sugar begins to dissolve, leaving a nice, creamy body mask behind.
  3. Wrap yourself in an old sheet, then cover yourself with a warm blanket (you may need help with this step, unless you are Houdini).
  4. Relax for 15-20 minutes to allow the mask to work its magic.
  5. Rinse off in the shower with warm water, taking care not to slip. Gently towel dry and apply your favorite body oil or lotion.