Transition Your Skin to FALL in 5 Easy Steps

Although it is still gorgeous outside, the temperatures are beginning to dip. This shift to the cooler months can cause skin to become unbalanced, resulting in dryness, flaking and overall crankiness.

Here are a few tips to gracefully transition your skin to Fall...

1. Switch cleansers.

While your skin may have thrived on a foaming cleanser in summer, these same cleansers can strip skin of needed moisture in the cooler months. Try switching to either a cream or a low-foaming cleanser.

2. Amp up your moisture.

The moisturizer that works for you in the warmer months may likely be not enough to moisturize and protect during colder weather. Look for a richer, more protective moisturizer with ingredients such as shea butter, lipid-rich oils, such as olive and ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, which help to bind moisture into the skin's tissues.

3. Exfoliate.

It doesn't matter how much moisturizer you apply - if you have dry, flaky skin, your moisturizer will just sit there on top and it is not going to work properly. Removing that dull, dry layer of dead skin by exfoliation will not only smooth your skin, but will allow your products to work better to moisturizer and protect. Using a gentle physical scrub or a facial serum containing natural fruit enzymes, such as papain (from papayas) once or twice a week will help.

4. Layer, layer, layer.

To keep skin from losing precious moisture to the environment, layer your products to create a moisturizing protective barrier. After cleansing, begin with a spray of a hydrating toner, followed with a layer of a hydrating serum, while skin is still damp. Then apply a rich moisturizer, followed by daily, natural zinc-based sunscreen (YES YOU STILL NEED TO USE SUNSCREEN).

5. Don't forget your bod.

As the temperatures drop, it is often dry hands or itchy legs that first start to show the skin's seasonal shift. Give all of the skin on your body the same love as you give your face by exfoliating with a body scrub, followed by a body oil and a layer of rich body butter.

Getting a facial at each change of season can also help to correct your skin from the previous season and prepare it for the next. A consultation and treatment from a professional skin care therapist will allow you to prevent seasonal skin issues and select products that are right for your skin.

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