Spring Blossoms Facial Steam & "Tea"

Spring is abundant with skin-loving plants - many of them cooling, soothing and astringent. Just what skin needs after the winter months and headed into summer. 

This versatile facial blend - featuring violet leaf and flower, apple leaf and blossom, strawberry leaf, mint, ground ivy and chickweed - will calm, cool and tone skin with plant love. <3

Want an ready-made facial steam blend? You can purchase :SRING BLOSSOMS:: in the Autumn Moon etsy boutique - with botanicals from our pesticide-free family farm - carefully harvested by hand, by me, with love. <3

When harvesting plants for this blend, please make certain you have properly identified them and harvest them in a sustainable way. You can check the USDA Plants Database to assist in identification. 

Spring Blossoms Facial Steam / Tea

Violet Leaf and Flower

Apple Leaf and Blossom

Strawberry Leaf

Mint Leaf


Ground Ivy 

  1. Collect a few handfuls of each plant - whichever you have available.
  2. Dry the plants, gently, in a dehydrator or in the lowest setting on your oven until totally dry.
  3. Store your dried plants in a glass container with a tight fitting lid (like a Mason jar).


Cleanse skin. Place a small handful of your dried blend in a shallow dish. Pour boiling water over the blend, cover your head with a large towel and place your face over the steam coming from the bowl (not too close - you just want a warm, gentle steam - not hot). Follow with a facial mask (if desired) and then your favorite toner and protective moisturizer.

This herbal steam will rejuvenate the skin, allowing it to release toxins from the pores and tone tissues, as well as hydrating itself. 

Please note: Facial steams are not recommended for those with rosacea, broken capillaries or inflamed/irritated skin, as it can make these conditions worse. 


After your facial steam has cooled, strain the infused liquid and use it as a cool facial compress with a cloth, a facial splash or in a spray bottle as a toner. Keep the liquid refrigerated and use it within 48 hours, discarding unused liquid.

Using this "tea" will instantly soothe, tone and tighten skin. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

WILD VIOLET (Viola papilionacea) LEAF & BLOSSOM are:
- cooling
- moistening
- comforting
- anti-inflammatory 

CHICKWEED (Stellaria media) is:
- cooling
- soothing
- anti-inflammatory

APPLE (Malus domestica) LEAF & BLOSSOMS from our family apple tree are:
- cooling
- astringent 

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) is:
- anti-inflammatory
- antioxidant rich

WILD STRAWBERRY (Fragaria virginiana) LEAF is:
- astringent
- anti-inflammatory

GROUND IVY (Glechoma hederacea) is:
- cooling
- astringent

While this blend incorporates plants that are safe for internal use, this blend intended to be used externally, rather than being consumed.