Beltane Beauty Ritual

Today marks the day of Beltane - the ancient Gaelic celebration of fertility, beauty and sexuality. A time when we revel in the Earth blossoming forth and shifting from the cold, to warmer, sunnier days.

Tradition says that washing in the morning dew - before sunrise - will beautify and assist in securing the object of your affection. This magical dew was often gathered from ivy or grass underneath trees. One other account of a rhyme notes that the maid who "..washes in dew from the Hawthorne tree, will forever handsome be."

Dew was often gathered in a jar and allowed to sit in the sunshine, increasing it's power. Some maidens opted to roll around in the dew for whole body beautification - doesn't that sound lovely?

This morning, my youngest daughter and I washed our faces with dew from our lilac bushes.

Create your own May dew ritual any day this month. Step outside just before sunrise and gather morning dew in a jar or bowl. Use this dew to mix with your morning cleanser. You can also apply morning dew to your skin as you would a toner, with a cotton pad. Feel the energy of this powerful time of year infusing your skin with new beginnings, fortifying it with joy and beauty.

Happy Beltane! <3