The Tale Begins: MYTHICAL Lip Veil - NEW from the Fall 2015 Woodland Nymph Collection

The first offering in the


The tale begins with ::MYTHICAL:: Lip Veil - a NEW Autumn Moon lip formula - offering the perfect balance of color and lightweight, creamy moisture. 




A medium-pigmented mauve-plum berry, with glints of dewdrop frost.

The color of changing leaves, swirled with sunlight, peeking through the branches.

The natural, ethereal lips of a nymph.


Set in a lightweight, moisturizing base of beeswax and coconut, avocado, jojoba and castor oils - wear it with lip liner, under lip gloss or all alone. The texture and finish is a lightweight creamy feel with a slight gloss. A subtle signature essence of natural sweet apricot teases the senses.

AUTUMN MOON LIP VEILS are 100% natural, creamy, feather-light lip colors that drape lips in a veil of luxurious color and moisture. 

LIP VEILS are hand-blended and hand-poured with the finest quality:

* plant butters - to smooth and soften
* plant oils - to moisturize and nourish
* beeswax - to protect lips from the elements and retain moisture
* botanical extracts - too soothe and support delicate lip tissues
* earth mineral pigments - for gorgeous, natural color

::MYTHICAL:: Lip Veil is now available in the Autumn Moon etsy boutique.

The tale continues...