COMING SOON: Woodland Nymph - Fall 2015

The wood nymph's mirror lies afar
Where yellow birch and balsams are ;
Where pines and hemlocks lift their spires
Against the morn's and even's fires

Autumn is upon us.

Forests turn to fiery crimson, purple-gold.

Thick, moss-covered floors set free the scent of wet, cool earth through the mist.

The trees stand firm in the haze of Autumn, surrounded by the spirits and stories of the woodland.

Inspired by the mythical beauty of the Autumn forest - WOODLAND NYMPH - will take you on a journey celebrating the allure of the trees, plants and creatures of the deep woods. Listen to their tale unravel with the hues and aromatics of this magical time of transition.

The tale of the WOODLAND NYMPH is unfolding soon...