10 Reasons Why I Adore You

The transition to fall calls for introspection. Time to look deep inside and reflect on your passions, your challenges in life and what you are grateful for, as we move into the darker months. 

Today I am feeling grateful for so many things, but especially you.

Yes. You! 

Autumn Moon has had its ups and downs over the years, as I faced personal and professional struggles - loss, grief and the relentless challenges of keeping a business afloat during the recession (eegads! Detroit was hit especially hard with the automotive meltdown).

But you were always there to keep me going.

So, here is a little love letter to you, to let you know why am I so grateful that you were here, and continue to be.

1. You are my muse.

It is because of my customers that I create. Many of the products you see in my shop have been inspired by and created for actual, real, live people. Whether it was a lipstick shade for a bride's wedding day. Or a facial oil for a pregnant lady experiencing dry skin. My products are truly a reflection of you.

2. You keep me sane.

My work has always been a respite. A place where I can focus on creating, in a space far away from everyday worries or cares. Like our puppy painting the living room carpet with red food coloring (true story).  Because you are here, I'm not crazy. Mostly. 

3. You allow me to connect with you.

Having an online presence can be scary. You open yourself up to strangers and the google gods. It can make you vulnerable. But, it can also allow you to virtually meet some of the most amazing people. Through the interwebs, I have met you and formed meaningful connections - relationships that go way beyond simply purchasing my products. I treasure that.

4. You support me and my family.

This one is huge. By shopping with me, you really are helping to support my family. While I put most of my profits back into creating for you, what I do keep goes towards things like violin lessons and clothes for my kids. You are all kind of like Santa, really. Thank you, Santa.

5. You support my local community.

Because you shop with me, I can donate a  portion of my profits to go toward supporting my local community - like helping women and families in need or donating to organizations that support our local youth.

6. You are brilliant.

Getting to know you over the years, I have realized what amazing women are out there in this world. You are teachers. You are artists.You are writers. You are caregivers. Strong and kind women, who I met through your support of my business (or already knew you as forever friends). Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

7. You get me.

Sometimes I am silly. Sometimes I am weird. Sometimes I am overly dramatic. And you still stick around anyway. Thank you.

8. You know the real meaning of beauty.

My business has never been about beauty. It has always been about making YOU feel beautiful. Beauty can be bare-faced. Beauty can be wrinkled and wise. Beauty can be scarred. Beauty can be more than a glossy magazine page. And you get that. And that is why I love you.

9. You are like me.

I am a nerd. And I think you are, too. I nerd out over history. I nerd out over plants. I nerd out over books. I nerd out over wine. And I like to drink lots of wine. Hey, let's go out for wine. You are glamorous, yet not defined by the word. Glamour to you can mean hair in a bun, walking through the woods. It can mean cooking a delicious dinner to share with friends. It can mean acts of kindness. It can be just the beauty of living passionately and purposefully. What is more glamorous than that?

10. You are reading this.

The fact that you are taking this moment out of your life to read this, fills me with the most gratitude. Life gets busy. Life gets messy. I appreciate you.

With so much love,