Global Skin Care: Korean Beauty

Along with historical beauty, one of my great loves of being in the skin care field is exploring different skin care practices across the globe. One of my very favorites is the deliciously elaborate and fun Korean skin regimes. What I love about Korean skin care is that it is very purposeful, serious and meticulous, yet very flexible and lighthearted at the same time.

One of the foundations of the Korean skin care routine is an elaborate 10-Step routine that includes multiple cleanses, exfoliation and a sheet mask, along with several other potions. It is a very thorough plan that girls begin at a very young age to maintain their youthful skin and prevent future skin issues - which is different from our American tendency to try to fix damage after-the-fact with radical treatments.

Not only is this multi-step process luxurious and pampering, allowing for the ultimate in self-care, but it is also super fun. The packaging is playful, including containers shaped like bunnies and fruit. The formulas are also very sensory-oriented, making them a treat to use. 

Want to know more about Korean beauty? Check out THE KLOG by SokoGlam. Founded by fellow aesthetician and skin nerd, Charlotte Cho, her blog is THE resource for Korean beauty tips and superbly curated products. She also has a book in the works - The Little Book of Skin Care - which is available for pre-order and promises to be a wealth of Korean beauty info. And Charlotte is totally adorable, so check her out!

Here are a few of the goodies I have tried from the SokoGlam shop...and these certainly won't be the last! 

Have you ever experienced Korean skin care? Have you ever tried the 10-step routine? I'd love to hear your experiences!