Welcoming Our New Fuzzy Addition

Our family is over-the-moon excited to have welcomed the newest addition to our farm this past weekend. This little guy - Storm - has snuggled his way into our hearts and even after just a few days, I can't imagine life without him.

He is  a border collie with sweet brown eyes and little freckles on his belly. He is sweet and spirited and we are in love.

Just over a year ago, we lost our gorgeous Siberian Husky girl, Zoe, to complications from diabetes at 13. We rescued Zoe as a pup. She was our very first baby together and huge part of our lives. She was wickedly smart, incredibly stubborn and endlessly sassy.

The countless hours of monitoring her medical condition over the years tested our patience, but also elevated our bond with her to a place that can't be described in words. She challenged us daily, taught us selflessness and, with her quiet, majestic wisdom, prepared us for becoming parents to human babies.

Losing Zoe was heartbreaking. I wasn't sure the hole in my heart would ever heal from her loss.

But my first look at this little nugget and that all changed.

Pets have a way of healing those parts of us that we think cannot heal. I look forward to the years ahead with Storm and everything he has to teach us.