5 Botanical Sunburn Soothers & A Cooling Body Mask

You applied your sunblock. You even reapplied. But, somewhere during the day, you got a little more sun than you expected. It happens. Here are 5 plant allies that can help a mild burn - sooth the pain, cool the heat, provide moisture and promote swifter healing.

Please note that these soothers are not recommended for severe sunburns. In case of a severe burn, please consult a medical professional.


Aloe is a well-known sunburn soother and for good reason. It cools, soothes, moisturizes and heals, working to minimize not only the discomfort of sunburn, but to also accelerate healing and minimize dryness and peeling. Apply fresh aloe gel, directly from the plant, a few times daily. Alternatively, you can purchase pure aloe gel or juice. But take care to look closely at the ingredient label. Many off-the-shelf aloe gels are not pure aloe, but include undesirable fillers and preservatives.


Cucumber offers cooling relief to sunburns, while also reducing swelling. Apply chilled cucumber hydrosol throughout the day for relief. Alternatively, you can also blend cucumber in a blender, strain the juice, pour into a spray bottle, chill and use within a few days.


Calendula not only reduces inflammation and soothes skin tissues, but actually encourages the regeneration of new cells and can speed up healing. You can purchase an off-the shelf calendula cream at your local natural food store or create your own calendula infused oil, applying a few times daily. Find out more about how to create an infused oil here.


Rose is excellent at soothing inflamed tissues and can be a wonderful ally for providing sunburn relief. Spray chilled rose hydrosol to the area as needed during the day. It is also lovely combined with cucumber hydrosol.

Colloidal Oats

Colloidal Oats, ground oat hulls that are finely ground and able to be dispersed into a bath, help to soothe a sunburn and are also great for the post-sunburn dry, tight and itchy period. You can easily find them at your local corner store.

You can also combine the above ingredients for more soothing relief. Try this cooling body mask to cool and comfort your oversunned skin.


1 small cucumber

1/4 cup aloe gel

Combine ingredients well in a blender. Apply to damp skin and let sit for 15 minutes. Follow with a spray of cucumber or rose hydrosol and an application of aloe gel.