'Solstice Blessings' Lotion Bar

Winter Solstice is upon us - the day of the year that the sun stretches its gentle arms to climb a little higher and stay a little longer in the sky. The tipping point of the darkness into the light. And a time for celebration!

In honor of this joyful day, I wanted to gift you all this recipe I created for a toasty, cozy solid lotion bar, perfect for applying when skin is damp after a warm bath on a chilly evening. Massage this bar over your skin to moisturize and luxuriate in the warming holiday scent - joyful and uplifting sweet orange and peppermint, warming and relaxing cinnamon and sensual and enveloping vanilla.

Jump into some soft jammies, grab a cup of hot tea and give thanks to the brighter days ahead...

Solstice Blessings Lotion Bar

1T Shea Butter
1T Cocoa Butter
1T Mango Butter
2T Fractionated Coconut Oil
1T Jojoba Oil
3T Beeswax Pastilles
25 Drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
15 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
5 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
3 Drops Vanilla Absolute (optional)
1/2t Vitamin E

Melt butters, oils and waxes gently on low/medium heat in a glass bowl placed into a small pan of water on the stove.

When just melted, remove from heat (being careful not to drip any water from the pan into the ingredients), add the essential oils and Vitamin E and stir well. Pour quickly into molds of your choice and cool completely before removing.

Apply, relax and enjoy! xoxo

*Note: Essential oils in this bar can be irritating for some individuals and it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Also, for your skin's comfort and health, do not apply lotion bar prior to sun exposure as orange oil can make skin photosensitive, increasing the effects of sunlight on the skin.*