Farewell to the Season of Folly and Fantasy: Theatre Bizarre

Bidding farewell to October, the season of folly and fantasy, with some snapshots from our annual masquerade outing - Theatre Bizarre

This year, my husband and I decided to step back in time with a gruesome twist - Marie Antoinette and her mysterious suitor with matching scabby skin "masks" torn from our faces.  This look was inspired by my fellow make-up artist friend, Janet, and was an absolute blast to create.

To get the raw, bloody look, I first started by applying torn tissue strips with skin-safe latex in layers to create the raised scab area to give the appearance of the skin having been removed.

Once the scabs were sufficient, I then sponged on an application of face paint (I used the Make Up For Ever Professional Flash Color Case) in various shades of red and black to give the appearance of raw skin beginning to scab. I then added a light wash of fake blood over the top of the paint to give a freshly peeled wet , bloody, raw sheen.

Staying true to the period, I also added an application of pale blanc face paint, to simulate the look so coveted in the higher echelon of French society women of the time. However, mine did not contain the lead that the historical formula did, making it a safer option. 

To complete the look, I added a vermilion lip and a jeweled mouche - a beauty patch frequently used to cover smallpox scars or blemishes. 

Until next Halloween!